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I recently built a budget gaming desktop and I've been running some pretty high temperatures on my AMD A8-5600k. When I was running my stock HSF, I was idling around 46c and when benchmarked on 3Dmark11, hit 98c! Needless to say, I ceased and desisted from putting the cpu under a significant load until I got my aftermarket heatsink.

Which leads me to the forums now. I got a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo and just installed it and my temperatures haven't exactly been the greatest. My idling is actually right around the same and actually a little higher (around 48c) and the temps seem to jump a little more when put under load. However, max temps under the same benchmarks are a good deal lower, maxing out at 82c. I've checked the seating for the HSF and it seems like its on alright.

So my question to you guys is whether or not these temps seem even remotely average. Furthermore, at the current temps, how big of a problem is it?

Thanks for sticking through the post!
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  1. just a quick update, these temps are coming from hwmonitor and bios page. I just downloaded core temp and speedfan and have 2 very different numbers, both significantly lower than hwm/bios. Core temp has my cpu under full load at 35c and speedfan at 49c....hwm however has it at 84c.
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