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I'd like to get a new laptop, but I'm already very much accustomed to having two built in hard-drive bays (and an optical drive). Do you guys know of any laptops on the market right now that have two hard-drive bays like this?
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  1. Look at lenovo thinkpads with Ultrabays. You can get a hard drive adapter that replaces the optical with a HDD. I ran this config with an SSD boot drive and a spinning data drive for a while. Other brands probably have same capability.

    I don't know of any laptops with two internal HDDs and an internal optical at the same time. External USB optical drives are easy to attach if you go to a two HDD config, but they are clearly not internal and may not meet your needs.

    You may be able to find a PC with a mini-PCI SSD drive and both a HDD and optical. Check into ultrabooks with intel SSD for this config, but this is not two 2.5" HDDs plus optical.
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