Display driver keeps crashing

i have the same problem.. screen go black and then recover.. the guy in the computer store try telling me that my graphic card is broken.. but i just bought a new one a couple month ago.. i updated the driver..still the same problem..
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  1. What is your video card?
    For example, Gigabyte GTX 670

    Also, do you have enough power going into the card? Is the problem happening during your games only or randomly?
  2. it happens during playing games a lot.. i don't know what card it is.. im using windows 7 ..im not good with computers.. but this problem just started like two weeks ago and happens more often now.. if i bring it to the computer store they will try and sell me everything new...
  3. re-install windows and then download the latest driver from the manufacturer of the cards website.

    If you don't even know what video card you bought a couple months ago, well that's a problem.
  4. well they put it in the computer in the store.. im not so good with computers..:( i can look and see if i find the box where the card was in.. can i not just reinstall my driver insted of windows?
  5. No worries, just let us know the name of the card next time. The only problem is, we don't know if it's Nvidia or an AMD card.

    If your card is Nvidia:


    If your card is AMD:


    In order for you to not mess up your card with the wrong drivers, please let us know what brand and model of the card is.
  6. the other thing that i think people would like to rule out if possible is if its a higher end gpu, what psu model do you have.
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