Need help With Overclocking

Hello, People of Tom's Hardware I would just like to ask a little favor if someone could use team viewer with me to help me get a good stable OC settings with my CPU and GPU

CPU - FX 6100 Black edition
GPU - MSI GTX 660ti Power Edition
Case - CoolMaster HAF 932 advanced 3x 230mm Fans 1x 140mm Fan

Thanks if anyone is able to do this

Skype: travis.woolner
Willing to pay 10$ via paypal
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  1. You have an aftermarket cooler on the CPU? Overclocking your CPU is easy, go into BIOS and change the multiplier in small steps and monitor temps.
  2. I have just built this system looking into purchasing a corsair H100i in the next couple weeks so far i am running a stock heatsink
  3. Wait with overclocking until you get there. In the meantime checkout this forum section
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