Sli pci-e problem

Hi all
I have a msi z77a-gd55 motherboard.
The spec for this motherbord is 2 pci-e gen3 (x16 x16) slots and 1 pci-e gen 2 slot (x16).
I have a i7 2600 processor which does not suport gen 3, however surely the cards would default to (x16x16) gen 2.
Both the cards run at x8 gen 2.
is there anything that I can do to get the cards to run at x16?
I have updated all the drivers and bios.

Thanks in advance.

i7 2600
msi Z77A-gd55 motherboard.
16 gig 1600 ram
gtx680 inno3d sli
750w power suply
ocz 120 ssd
Renesas usb 3.0 controller card
nvidea 304.48 drivers
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  2. I don't think it works like that. If you use 2 adjacent pci-express x16 slots. They will run at x8 each. The only way you can run both cards at 16x is by having them run in an extreme 4 pci-e motherboard. Then you must have an empty pci express x16 slot beween the cards.
    Performance wise, I don't think it would affect at all. x8 is just as good.
  3. Thanks for the reply
  4. no problem! enjoy your rig and close the thread once you get your answer :)
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