My ati 5770 problem HELP FOR GOD SAKE!

I really want to return my card and smash the hell out of that seller.
Anyways my problem is Every time I play games like bf3, dirt 3 and fear 3 it always (30%shutdown. %15 reboot. %70 appcrash. %100 display driver has been stop.)
I din't overclock my gpu or something. Sometimes when the game hangs and survived it, it says appcrash on the game and on the notification "display driver has been stop and successfully recovered" I tried Monitoring it while gaming the maximum is 61 Celsius and I know 61c is just normal for high gpu's right? And sometimes while playing. i get horizontal line all over my screen then stop.

It's ati 5770 sapphire 1GB ddr5 clock at 850ghz and mem clock 1200

Help people please. I can't enjoy my games well.

By the way.. before, my card is ati 5670 No problems on gaming and I have 100% that the games DID NOT says appcrash. Appcrash just appears when I install that piece of Sh!t
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  1. Your card seems defective to me.If installing new drivers don't help,RMA your card.
    BTW,It's not the seller's fault that your card is defective
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