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I am thinking of buying a new nvidia gt 520 for my 4 years old pc with pentium d3.0 ghz processor and 2 gb ram. I am not a hardcore gamer so i have opted this card( it suits my budget well).
Now i have two options one is
1) XFX gt 520 1gbddr3( 810 mhz core ,1066mhz memory speed) it has an extra fan on it for cooling.

2) asus gt 520 igb ddr3 silent(810 mhz core, 1200 mhz memory speed)

Which one should i go for? does this difference in memory speed affect the performance greatly?And also is 'silent cards' a good option( sound is not a problem for me)? which will have good heat dissipation?

IS xfx a good brand( its a little costlier than asus for this model)?

I also have one more doubt. I am having a n xfx geforce 7200 gs now and is running on latest driver which also supports the gt 520. so do i realy need to uninstall the running drivers from my pc before replacing the card?

please reply.
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  1. I personally prefer Asus, especially since I've heard a lot of negative comments about XFX lately. Asus usually have higher clock speeds, better cooling and most of their card (I think the GT 520 included) have a 3 year warranty.
  2. the drivers wont be an issues as your still staying with the same vendor chipset. i look at the power supply you have and the output of it and the 12v leg. i would check that the ps can handel the wattage of the new card.
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