9800gx2 problem

Hey, so I've had problems with this card for a longer time...I kept getting non generic pnp monitor but I've sorted that with custom resolution...

Now whenever I startup PC starts to lag terribly I can't do anything about it...(it doesn't lag in safe mode). So I restart it and it gives me 1 long 3 short beeps...(NVIDIA nForce® 780i SLI). That gets fixed if I wait a while and try to startup again it starts up fine. But as it seems it starts without any graphic driver installed.(Blue start panel) I had this problem in the past but installing driver again and restarting helped it. But now when I install new driver it doesn't start at all (beeps) or it starts up but it starts to lag.

I tried to reinstall windows but it didn't help. I don't know what else to do.

Please help me if you can. Thanks
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  1. see if you can find someone with a spare card. sounds like the card on it way out.
  2. Well what it will it help, I'm sure it's graphic card. I just don't know how is it possible that sometimes it works and sometimes it don't...There has to be something...
  3. Does anyone know what to do? Would an BIOS update help?
  4. Clean the pci-e connector on the card and make sure that the 6pin and 8pin power cables are firmly connected to the card. If it refuses to work right then chances are that the card is defective or the board has issues with the card. I got a few boards that simply do not work with certain cards including my xfx 780i.
  5. They are connected and it's clean I tried to place it in other slot but it just won't fit there it's too big and there's some stuff in thee way ... The cables are green light so it's all good...
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