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Hey guys I just wanted some advice on the subject! My friend and I are going to be doing a great deal of video editing for gaming and other subjects. I was going to make him a build for that, but it turns out he is in need of a laptop instead for college. I need your help because I am more of a desktop guy and I do not know much about laptop hardware. Could somebody please recommend an intel based laptop that can do a great deal of video editing for around $600-$1000? It would be greatly appreciated. He's not a PC gamer but he might be playing some minecraft with me, but nothing demanding like crysis 3. Anyway any advice on a video editing laptop would be greatly appreciated. Thanks All!!
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  1. 1. find out if he mainly runs off batteries and is mobile, or if he leaves his laptop mainly in one place. So we can get the tradeoff between speed/weight and battery life correct.
    2. find out desired screen size. 12" is really different than 14/15 or 17".
    3. find out if the software you use can use multiple threads well (likely) or needs a fast single thread speed.
    4. find out if the software you use can use GPU acceleration (openCL, openACC, Cuda), and if so what vdeo chips are supported.
    Assume you will be storing a large amount of data on laptop while working.

    Aside, another approach is to use both a small, light, cheap laptop and a big server desktop. That's what my kids do for school.
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