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Upgrade questions

December 29, 2012 3:16:00 AM


In coming months I'll be upgrading pretty much every part of my computer save the graphics card. However, I have some questions that aren't quite being answered just by browsing topics and reviews around NCIX and Newegg.

I want to upgrade my CPU (currently a Core 2 Quad @ 2.4GH) to either an AMD Vishera processor or an i5-2500k or 3570k.

I know in general the Intel processors are better than AMD processors, the price reflects that. However, I have some more specific questions.

Firstly - I play Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2, and World of Warcraft and plan to do some recording with either Fraps or Dxtory aswell. I know the i5 pulls better framerates than Vishera lineup for gaming, but from the few benchmarks I've seen it appears that the Visheras multitask better.

So for someone who just plays games (I don't necessarily want to max everything out and play at 100 FPS, lol) and will be recording them -and have no experience overclocking, so if I do overclock it will not be anything extreme- I'm curious which would be better: FX-4300, 6300, 8350, or the i5-2500 or 3570.

I only have a 600W PSU so I'm not quite sure I want to get the 8350 (plus I've heard the 4300 has better gaming framerates anyhow).

So, how badly would I be hindering my performance if I went for the opportunity to save $100 on the processor by going with AMD? Like I said, I understand Intels are all around better processors, but are they $100+ better for someone who's not a hardcore player?


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