Nvidia gtx 570 or amd radeon 7850

hi guys... i am having a problem selecting between the 2 graphics cards....both are in more or less the same price..i am new to this so please help me

thanks in advance
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  1. The GTX 570 is a little bit more powerful but also consumes more power and produces more heat.

    The HD 7850 is slightly less powerful but also consumes less power and produces less heat.

    I would go with the GTX 570, but it's up to you.
  2. @ironslice, your first and second paragraphs are perfect but the last sentence doesn't make any sense, HD 7850 is less powerful but it is more effiecient better cooling, good overclockable, if you OC the HD 7850 i'm pretty sure it will beat the GTX 570.
  3. thanks for the quick reply guys i'd go with amd 7850
  4. The GTX 570 is also a really great overclocker, and surpasses HD 7870 performance when overclocked. I would still take the GTX 570.

  5. nit3crawl3r said:
    thanks for the quick reply guys i'd go with amd 7850

    No problem :)
  6. Both are good picks if same price. 7850 tendis to be cheaper tho. If same price it would come down to drivers and games you play to help tip the balance. I do like the gpu ram of 7850 tho and it would get my vote due to that. Current games don't need more than what a 570 has but they may.
  7. i want to play bf3 in maxed out settings in 1920 x 1080 resolution, will the 570's 1.25 gb vram be able to cope up?
  8. You only need more than 1.25 gb vram if you want to play with more than 1 monitor or at resolutions higher than 1920x1080. http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/549?vs=518&i=400
  9. You would be able to play BF3 maxed out but not with 60+ fps. Maybe 40+ with one 570. Thats also assuming you have a good CPU as well.
  10. ok here you go HD 7850 score 1% better at stock.

  11. when do u guys think nvidia 660 ti will be released?
  12. may be taking 1 more month.
  13. I would agree with recon but i would go for a gtx570.
    I would avoid reference gtx570 due to the cheap quality vrms.And in my opinion you should pick performance over all other aspects as a priority otherwise you wouldnt buy a gtx570 as a gpu would you?

    But there is a problem with the supply chain of gtx570s currently.Unless your liquid to quickly buy another for SLI or just want one gpu to fulfil your gaming needs then your better off with a HD7850 then go for a CF setup around the road.
  14. why the HELL are you people suggesting the old card over the newer and better one.
    HD 7850 is better at all in aspect of all the features, when the 7850 get overclocked then see it's performance it would tie itself with the gtx 580 even. also HD 7850 has more efficiency.
  15. @recon-uk, have you ever thought about your GPU lifespan why are you overclock it extremely high. i guess your GPU will never pass up more than 1 year.
  16. Quote:
    Been going solid past 2 years now... you were saying?

    and still going fine, thats interesting MANN!
    but everyone not just lucky like you!! :D
  17. hey, could you please post the image of your CARD's...
  18. wow, that is sexy MAN love it so much!
  19. Quote:
    Needing proof or something?


    recon nice cards and very neat rig.
  20. the 7850 performs on par with the 570, uses less power and produces less heat, and is also $30-50 cheaper ($240 for the sapphire 7850 on newegg, $290 for an evga 570).

    go for the 7850
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