Tower pick question

im having a hard time picking out a case
mb lga1155, ASRock H77 Pro 4/MVP (LGA1155) H77, mATX, 2*ddr3
Intel Core i5 3470 3.2ghz, 4-core, 6mb, HD2500, (lga1155)
psu, Corsair 500watts, PSU, CX, CX500
maybe 1 or 2 HDD 2 will be maximum
and 1 or 2 dvd drive 2 max

im looking at these choices i only care about its cooling capabilities

looks, cable management, durability is not important to me

here are my choices: basically those are what i can afford and what are available on the shop
Which of still will be best in stock/ i will add a maximum of 2 more fans when i get it

Aerocool, PGS VS3 Advance, atx, no psu, black, 2x120mm, 2xusb 3.0

Aerocool, Strike X One, atx, bottom mount, no psu, black, 1x120mm

Antec, One Lite, atx, no psu

Cooler Master CM, 372 KKN1, Elite 372, atx, bottom psu mount

Cooler Master CM, K280 KKN1, K280, atx, 1x120mm, USB3.0

Cooler Master CM, K350 KWN1, K350, atx, x-side, 1x120mm, USB3.0

Cooler Master CM, RC 431P KWN2, Elite 431 plus, atx, bottom psu mount, i

Cougar, Solution, atx, no psu, black

NZXT, Source 210 Elite, atx, no psu, black, USB3.0

NZXT, Source 210, atx, no psu, black & white

Thermaltake TT, VN400A1W2N, Commander MS-I atx, black

Thermaltake TT, VO100A1W2N, Commander MS-III, atx, black, USB3.0

Thermaltake TT, VVN900A1W2N, Commander MS-II, atx, black, USB3.0
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    Well of those cases the NZXT Source 210 (The Elite version has USB 3.0 with a 20 Pin Header, so if your motherboard does not support USB 3.0, buy the non-elite version)

    Basically because it holds more fans than the others, 2 x 120 mm fans in the front to intake cool air or the side 120 mm to intake air to the GPU area and has a good cable management (You don't care about that, but a good cable management can improve cooling by tucking the cables behind the motherboard tray to have a clean looking case) and is well constructed.

    The CM Elite 431 also seems good, it has that external X-Dock but the cooling is a little worse than the others because of the side window, and lacks of cable management but still is a very good case.
  2. thanks for your time
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