Overclock lowers Physics score

Hello all. First, here is my updated rig:
FX 8350
16 gb ram
Asrock Fatal1ty 990fx
Antec kuhler 620
Thermaltake smart series 850w 80 plus.

Now I was trying to do some light overclocking, and was able to achieve 4.5 ghz rather easily. So, I decided to try out some 3dmark 11.

At stock speeds my P score was 6923. At 4.5 ghz my P score was 6500..... At 4.3 ghz it was 6200. I have no clue how this is happening. P.S. I Prime95ed both OCs and was stable for 20+ minutes with a max core temp of 50c.

This is honestly mind boggling to me. Help would be appreciated.

I do have some experience ocing the fx line. I use to own an fx 4100 and got that stable @ 4.3 ghz on stock voltages and that boosted my performance a lot.
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  1. Did the overclock affect the graphics card in any way?
  2. Have you tried any other benchmarks?
  3. I would say run the benchmarks again at stock speed. Run tem 3 times to get an average, as they are never exactly the same each time you run the,.
  4. Did you have any programs running in the background?

    I did that once, and was terribly amazed at why my 670 was giving me worse scores than my ancient 9800GT... Turns out I was running folding@home and had forgotten about it.
  5. are the memory clocks the same or O/C'ed?
  6. Are you bumping the bus speed or the multipliers and are you tinkering with the voltage
  7. Sorry guys I have been mia for a bit. But I bumped votages a bit and increased th multiplyer only. I didn't not oc my ram at all.
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