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I want to setup my laptop to print wirelessly

i have a dell laptop and i want to print wirelessly to my HP Photosmart C4795 printer.i have my wireless set up through a verizon westell modem router. my wireless is setup i can get on the internet on my laptop and use my ipod in the house through it. when i'm using my laptop i would like to print wirelessly without have to go in the other room and use the desktop which is connected to the printer. i know i need to set up some kind of network connection but have no clue how to do it. i would appreciate any help concerning this matter. Thanks so much
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    It looks like that printer has wifi built-in. Here is the manual, on page 5 is the network setup for it.
  2. thanks for your help but may as well be speaking german. Have no idea what it even means interface?? etc. all that it says in the manual. Thanks anyway. Have a great night
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