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  1. ewww... no way. The c60 is about as powerful as an old athlon xp 2600 single core processor. I initially built an htpc with a AthlonIIx2 and soon upgraded to an x3 because the x2 felt too sluggish for me. Theres no way I would recommend anything as slow as a c60
  2. What about a e-350
  3. You could get a AMD A6-5400k and then do a crossfire with that card, you'll get a slight upgrade in performance.
    Just buy ram with higher a higher clock because the AMD APU's benefit from more Ram.

    Or buy the AMD A10-5800k APU, it has integrated graphics and it's equivalent to a 6670. And if you want more performance later you can add a 6670 and then do a crossfire with the APU.
  4. The CPU is kind of crappy. If you really want to go with AMD why not get an APU. It will have enough CPU and graphics power for a HTPC.
  5. I agree. APU's weren't out when I built mine and my other one is an i3, which being dual-core still outperforms the faster triple core.
  6. If you want to go with an APU I would go with a Trinity A4 or A6. There really is no need to get an A8 or A10 for a HTPC.
  7. I would not recommend a dual core APU as they are weaker than an athlon core to begin with. Triple or quad is what i recommend.
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