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Which HAF case to get.

I am trying to build my first ever gaming computer and already have a few components I picked up on sale:

-Asus p8z77-v pro
-i5 3570k
-Corsair TX-750 Power supply

Anyways I was planning on trying to pick up an asus 7970 DirectCU II Graphics card (If thats relevant) and wanted a coolermaster HAF case and was primarily debating between a 912 and 922 but I am not VERY GOOD with computer hardware, so I decided to ask here. Please make a suggestion on a good case or feel free to give any advice to a first-time computer builder!
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    Both the 912 and 922 are excellent cases. I built my computer 2-3 years ago, and after doing a lot of research and looking at different cases, I decided on the 922. It's everything you ever want in a case. The only problem with it is that there are a few places that are tough to clean, but that's no big deal. The main difference between the 912 and the 922 is simply the size. I know that the 922 will be able to fit your build, not sure about the 912, but I'm guessing it should be good. Personally, I chose the bigger case because I like having a lot of space to work with. Everything is spread out very nicely and the cable management is excellent. The downside is that it's hard to carry around.
  2. Looking at it, the differences I am seeing are the 922 has USB 3.0 up front and more room. While the 912 has is $30 less and can convert 4 slots for 2.5" drive. Should be jsut you picking out what is more important. Is money an issue? If that $30 makes a diff, then go 912.
    Haf 932 Advanced Support front pannel usb 3.0x2 ,usb 2.0x4 ,EATX mobos.
  4. Your mobo is eatx.ATX cabinet not fit u r mobo.only eatx support ur mobo
  5. Selected both cabinets are only support upto atx only, so not enough space for u r mobo.
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  7. hytecgowthaman said:
    Selected both cabinets are only support upto atx only, so not enough space for u r mobo.

    Did you know that EATX is just slightly wider? EATX has the same mounting holes too. It will still fit in an ATX case given that case has enough room.
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