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I have seen some similar posts to this, but nothing that quite matches. Here's the issue: When I start my computer, I hear the motherboard beep, and I can see the start screen (ASUS), and can also access the BIOS screen pressing F8, although it never gets to the Windows XP start screen, because almost immediately the monitor goes blank save for a temporary dialog that says no video signal input. The fans are all still spinning, lights are on, etc., just no signal. After that, I cannot restart the computer unless I unplug and let it sit for some time before replugging and hitting the start button.

Maybe I'm wrong, but it doesn't seem to be the power since the fan and lights are on. The monitor seems fine since it does get the initial start up screen image. I have not added any new hardware or software recently that I can recall. I have had occasional start-up issues that required me to unplug and, I assume, clear the capacitors (or am I way off base on that?). So I feel like perhaps it's a motherboard issue?

The only similar situation I've encountered was on another machine where the fan on the graphics card went out of alignment which caused overheating and shut down--replacing the graphics card on that machine solved it, but this does seem like a different problem.

Sorry for the long-winded question--just wanted to be thorough.

It's an older home built:

Intel Pentium D 820 2.8 GHz
Windows XP
MSI graphics card (just can't remember which)
430 watts

Thanks for any suggestions,


Realized the Graphics Card fan wasn't spinning--opening the case and blasting a table fan inside put me back in business, and download the NVIDIA driver update. But with a closed box and no external fan, computer shut down overnight. Well, off to buy a new card!
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  1. it could be that someone or the driver set the res of windows so high that the monitor can synk to the gpu card. have you tried booting using f8 safe mode. in safe mode it load just the standard vga drivers??? if it not the video card or the drivers...if you can get in in safe mode use a drive cleaner remove the drivers and install fresh. check in safe mode that you only have one anti virus installed and running sometime with 2 you hang windows. if it not that it can be a damaged program use msconfig and turn off all programs in the start up tab. if still having issues see if someone has a space video card to see if it the video card or damaged windows.
  2. Thanks for those suggestions. I will try them today and let you know how it works.

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