Will my CPU bottleneck my GPU?

I just recently installed a new GTX 690 in my system and was wondering if my i7 3820 would bottle neck it. It is at standard clock (3.60ghz). I would be willing to overclock it if need be.
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    It might bottleneck just a bit. And a simple OC would probably negate that all together. That's a very Nice I7 altogether though. :D
  2. Never messed around with OCing. What would you reccomend?
  3. well, you should get great performance even if there were a bottleneck, so dont worry about it. People use the word "bottleneck" as such a negative thing, as if its going to ruin everything. There will always be a small bottleneck somewhere, there is no such thing as a 100% balanced system, but that doesnt mean it wont perform well.
  4. Regardless of the processor it will bottleneck between 20% and 2% of your frames.

    - Sometimes most of those 2% will be only marginally slower than what the GPUs can render, sometimes now.

    - Even a Core i5 @ 5GHz will bottleneck a small percentage of the frames rendered.
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