Computer Keeps Freezing and BSODing

The Build:

Mobo: Gigayte H61M-D2P-B3
Graphics: Gigabyte 6850
CPU: intel i3-2100
Memory: 4gb G.Skill
PSU: Corsair 500 watt PSU
OS: 32bit Windows 7

My computer continues to freeze resulting in either a BSOD or this crappy cell phone pic of my screen:

or sometimes a combo. The PSU was tested and passed by Geek Squad. The memory passed memtest. The graphics card was replaced a couple of weeks ago, because that was thought to be the problem. The heatsink on the CPU was found to be not completely secure and was causing high temps, throttling and also restarts. The heatsink was replaced and now temps are normal. The computer is still BSODing and freezing even after the heatsink was replaced. Any help on this one guys would be great.
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  1. the image looks like a video card ram failure. I start up checking your mb bios and putting all the patches on it. then i run cpu-z and gpu-z. under cpu-z make sure your ram runing at the right speed and timing. (may have to bump the dram voltage).
    under gpu-z see that the video card is read fine and the pci bus speed is right. intel has cpu test program i would run it to see if your cpu got cooked. (also download the newest chipset drivers from intel.). try running prime95 and see if it locks. i would also use hardware monitor and watch your cpu/gpu temps and ps voltages. i would see if a friend had another ps and video card you could use to test your system with. one this too with the ram make sure there in the right slots.
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