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$300 Budget Build +

what i have curretly,

8g ram
1 tb hard drive
thermaltake mid tower commander case
asus litepower 750w powersupply
cpu cooler

just dont know what:

graphics card
i should be getting

not expecting nothing fancy, just something that could be a decent gaming machine.

and if im missing something please include it!

really appreciate it!
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    a HD 7770, phenom II X4 965, ASUS M5A97 motherboard. MSI 7770 @ 125, PIIX4 965 @ 100, M5A97 mobo @ 85, free shipping thru newegg total is $310, $10 over budget. Can get ASUS M5A78L motherboard for $60, if ur 8gb is dual channel and not 4.

    The 7770 will play BF3 on high preset @ 1080p no prob as my last gen 6770 does, and I prefer ASUS over any other brand when under $100, and the Phenom II x4 beats the FX 4100, and the 4300 is $30 more and for $10 more than the 4300 is the way better 6300. I also prefer the true quad core than an i3 with HT.

    If u can go for the extra $40 on the 6300 and the cheaper motherboard or the same one id def try for it.
  2. tigerdirect has the X4 for $75 and motherboard for $80, or this combo kit - plus a 7770
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  4. thanks alot lazyboy! could you also suggest and intel build if possible?
  5. The Asus M5A99X EVO AM3+ AMD 990X is $95 after promo code and rebate.

    What are you going to do for your operating system?
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