Gigabyte Radeon HD 7770 or MSI Radeon HD 7770

Ok so I'm having difficulties choosing.
Gagabyte- GV-R777OC-1GD
MSI- R7770 Power Edition 1GD5/OC
They both have the same core clock, the Gigabyte has 500 more MHz in memory, Gigabyte has a 10cm fan compared to the 9cm MSI fan.
The only other thing is, on, the Gigabyte is $107.97 and the MSI is $154.99.. Should I go with the Gigabyte since it has a bigger fan and faster memory AND is about $48 cheaper? $48 makes a BIG difference for my budget, more money saved is better.
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  1. yes go with the gigbyte one. there doesnt seem to be many reasons to go for the msi one but alot of reasons to go for the gigabyte one. and to top it off if 48 bucks makes a huge difference in budget then you should def go with the gigabyte card
  2. Ok thanks! I wasn't sure if Gigabyte was a good brand or not, since this card is a custom card being shorter then the reference card.
  3. nope gigabyte makes great cards. and it being a custom pcb isnt a bad thing at all it could actually be a good thing gigabyte knows what they are doing I would def go with that card
  4. msi has only 2 yrs warranty whereas gigabyte has 3 yrs.
  5. Actually the msi cards also come with 3 years warranty. I've got the Gigabyte 7770 OC, rev 2.0 clocked @ 1050mhz. had it for two weeks and very happy with it. Got plenty horse power for the price. If you've got a crossfire capable mobo you can easily get GTX580 performance from 2 of these 7770 cards. Youre most likely to get a Rev 2.0 card now as they are more stable than the 1100mhz older brothers.. GLHF
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