7770 psu

Hi i really want a amd 7770 but im afraid my psu isnt strong enough.
my psu is inwin 350w :

my system specs are:
pentium g620 2.6ghz
4gb ram
gigabyte ga h61m s2 b3 motherboard
500gb 7200rpm hard drive
dvd cd burner

my case if you need it is a ps04b atx silverstone

if i can run it is it an upgrade from an intel hd 2000?
i dont want to buy a new psu because im not from america and they are pricey here.
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    i wouldnt not use it. the inwin says it can only supply 264w on the 12v rails max and under load, the 7770 may dangerously be put near that cut, and that doesnt even apply for the rest of the system as well.
  2. are you sure it wont run. and if it doesnt what is the best gpu i can buy?
  3. on stock psus, best gpu is usually 7750, as it requires no auxilary 6 pin cord.
  4. A 350 Watt will be able to handle a 7750 as dudewitbow mentioned. If you want other options, you can also look at the GT 640, 6670, GT 440, GT 520. All these don't require a power cord to connect to.
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