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Simple question - what kind of performance boost can be expected from a RAID 0 configuration of a couple a UDMA 100 drives?



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  1. 30 views, no replies - hmmm, am I asking the right question?

    OK, assume we have a working harddrive, say UDMA 100.
    We now buy a second drive and configure both for RAID 0 - have I got that right?, you know where the data is shared so that the drives "fire" alternately?

    I wouldn't expect 100% performance increase. But would we see 50% more?


  2. The thing is that this is often the type of question that is posted over and over and over again. That's probably why you have 30 views and no replys.

    Your going to see a performance difference, but it's hard to say what you will see. It's usually taken by a case by case basis. I use my RAID array for data storage. My OS is on another drive, so I really wouldn't be able to tell you what performance increase I've seen ...

    You should see a difference so if it is a question of should you do it or should you not, by all means do it.

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  3. my new system is a kg7 raid iv'e got 2* ibm,s gxp60 /20gig as a raid 0 setup udma100 & a ibm gxp75 45gig on a udma66 channel
    both have windows me (clean install)
    some tests report 100% increase in preformance
    others only about 20% so i reckon it depends how you test it
    to be honest i cant tell the differance when loading games ect
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