Two wireless routers in one network.

Just got virgin internet installed in my uni house, found out that my room is the only one that doesn't get any wireless signal. So to sort this out i bought a homeplug, plugged it in by the new virgin super hub and one in my room. This works perfectly fine, but im limited by the ethernet cable, so i thought i would plug in my old dlink wireless router to see if i could make my own wireless network just for my room. I could connect to it but just cant get any internet. Ive tried making the IP adress's static and using the following settings on both:

Static IP:
IP mask:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Im not very good with this networking so if im doing something stupid please let me know.
The problem might be something to do with both my router IP's being, but i have no idea how to change them?
Thanks any help is much appreciated.
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