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I finished rebuilding an older core2duo machine with windows XP Pro that I had sitting up so my 11 year old son and I could play star wars ToR together. I have spent (counting buying the game) over $125.00 and my son was excited to play the game with me but now i have hit a brick wall and I can not fix this. I am now asking for help. I am running an older Nvidia 8800GTS 320mb GFX card in the computer I am having problems with. The problem is every time I try to install the gfx drivers they fail. It does not give me a reason why they fail but the just will not install.

I have tried taking the card out and also i have tried restarting the computer and I tried to install them in safe mode but no luck. I really don't know what more I can do. I only had an old vga cable and used two vga to div converters to hook the monitor up to the card but i doubt that could be the problem. Does any one have any idea how I can get this thing going? Thank you for your time and help.
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  1. is this a fresh install of windows? if not make sure that the old graphics drivers that were on the machine are fully uninstalled. to do that remove the drivers from add/remove programs then restart and boot into safe mode and run driver sweeper (free program download and install before) then reboot and try to install the new drivers. Make sure they are the most up to date ones from nvidia not ones from a disk or something
  2. Thank you for the reply and help, I am sorry I forgot to say that Yes, this is a fresh windows XP Pro install, their are no gfx drivers on the machine yet.
  3. hmm that complicates things a little. so the video cards works fine without the drivers but then when you try to install them it just fails for no reason? Make sure you have the right version of driver windows xp 64bit or 32bit and make sure service pack 3 is installed and fully updated
  4. that may be it, I am on service pack 1 and they fail when i try to install the drivers, they will start but it doesn't get past 3% and it will stop and say the install failed. Thats it, no other info just that it failed. I have downloaded the driver over seven times to make sure they were the right one. I tried the burnt to a disk, I tried them on my ex-harddrive. I tried them on a memory stick all with them failing. I will go and update the service pack to 3 from one thank you very much and i sure hope this works for me. My son was so excited and now he is sitting on the couch all quiet, I told him we would find a way to get it working and he is very understanding and trust me so thanks for the help.
  5. haha we will get it figured out I promise. if updating windows does not work at all your next best bet would be to reinstall windows. Is there onboard graphics on the motherboard?
  6. Yes the motherboard has onboard gfx
  7. in the motherboards bios make sure the graphics preference is set to the pcie card not the onboard...that wouldnt cause this issue but it could help lead to it. let me know how windows updating works out and if that solves it
  8. I had a newer 1TB hard drive in the old computer and I took it out, the case fans and the dvd rom drives to install into a new build I just did. I decided to tell my son, who was out of school for the summer that i would buy him the star wars game because he was always watching me play it. I bought a refurb harddrive and fans and a cheap dvd burner and I redid the old computer I had sitting up. Everything, including the GFX card was working fine when I took the stuff out so I am really stumped why the drives keep failing to install. I am updating to service pack 3 now and it will take me a while because I don't have the best of internet. Thanks for the help and I'll be sure and post....(when it works) Fingers crossed.
  9. Is the motherboards chipset driver installed? Some times of the chipset driver is missing the graphics driver wont install.
  10. check two things...make sure the card does not need any extra power. on the older cards they used to use a floppy power plug for power on the back of the card. the other issue if it a clean install of xp then your missing the mb chipset drivers.without them the pci bus is not going to work right. i would use cpu-z and gpu-z and read the mb info and chipset..then download the right chipset drivers.. ie intel/amd/nvidia. with gpu-z it should be able to read that the gpu is installed. on some older mb have a jumper to turn off the onboard video chipset some it in the bios. some have it that it auto turn off the onboard when a pci-e video is seleted as the first video device.
  11. bignastyid said:
    Is the motherboards chipset driver installed? Some times of the chipset driver is missing the graphics driver wont install.

    +1 to that I forgot to ask if its an nvidia chipset on the motherboard? If so make sure the driver for that chipset is intalled sometimes it gives issues and it tends to be with nvidia motherboards
  12. Wow, I forgot about the motherboard drivers, THANK YOU!!!!. It is a old ASUS board and I didn't install the drivers, Don't even remember where the disk is at, I'll have to go look for them on the net.
  13. yea the net is your best bet because the ones of the disk can be really old you want the most up to date ones im sure asus has them still
  14. intel has a chipset driver update and checker on there web page.
  15. I just finished updating to service pack 3 and then finding the motherboard chip set drivers. My son is now jumping up and down and cheering you guys loudly. I wanted to report and say thank you VERY much to all. It worked and we are going to go enjoy a little star wars ToR.
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    good I am glad it worked out for you and your son..if you encounter any other problems you know where to look for help
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