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So currently I am in the market to upgrade a few lack luster parts for my budget gaming PC I put together a few months ago. Now this PC runs fine but I have money to upgrade the parts I wasn't able to branch out for last time.

Current parts:
Heatsink: None, using the standard fan that came with the CPU

Upgrades available:

Now I was talking to a friend about these updates and he was specifically talking about my PSU and he doesn't have a maximus so he doesn't know how the power consumption is. I just wanted to make sure that if I bought these parts I wouldn't be bottlenecked by my PSU.

Current PSU:

Now I am planning to OC the CPU, which is why I chose the Maximus, heard it's great for OCing but I've never personally OCed anything so I would need to be careful. Just wondering people's opinions on my upgrades and if the PSU would be bottlenecking me.

I currently use a 560 GTX TI and would be gaming with this rig.

I have looked around and I can go with this build too and save myself the hassle of having to upgrade to a 750W to ensure stability:

With this build I end up saving $100, able to add in an SSD and don't have to upgrade my PSU.

Any thoughts on the new build?
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  1. Fix your link for PSU and MOBO.
  2. What GPU do you plan to use? 600 watts should be plenty unless your going crazy with graphics cards.

    The heat sink looks good, but you could always get better, but of course its a matter of how much your willing to spend. For the heat-sink, get another fan for push\pull if that's what you're getting.

    I'd recommend mx-4 too, I love that stuff.
  3. I'm currently using a 560 GTX TI and I'm planning to stick with it. I've also looked at upgrading to these 2 CPU/mobo together:

    Since I'm only going to be gaming, the i7 only has like a 100 cache difference from the looks of it and no need to extend to i7 unless I'm doing something crazy like editing right?
  4. i can assure you the increase in power draw would come from the OCed CPU, not the mobo. if any at all, it'd be a small increase.

    while the maximus are made for OCing, they are made for extreme OCing. seeing how this is your first time, and you really want to be careful about it, i'd reckon any of Asus' P8Z68 series would've do you just fine at 4.5-4.8ghz, unless you do plan to go beyond that and/or are going for the looks.

    we're gonna need to know the rest of your setup particularly your GPU to make an estimate of your PSU requirement, but a quick calculation using Extreme Outervision's PSU calculator using a 560ti and your CPU OCed at 4.5 with no voltage increase nets you a 520W requirement, though they do tend to over-calculate. i am however somewhat unsure about the power in the 12V rail on your PSU and if it'll be sufficient.
  5. Go ahead and use this calculator, 600watt should theoretically be enough. I would say wait on buying a SSD for another year, unless you really want one. In another year SSD prices will be so much lower, considering this years trend. I recommend a high quality PSU though to ensure stability.

    Your new build seems much more cost effective and better since your not going to go crazy on overclocking.
  6. Here's another PSU to consider too if you plan on SLI or the likes. You might wanna consider buying everything off amazon if possible to avoid shipping charges and tax.
  7. Yeah I think I might just snag an SSD right now and upgrade it later on if need be. Will mainly be using it to as the OS and a few games for quicker loading.
  8. I wouldn't upgrade to an i7, since there is no real advantage in gaming situations. And honestly, the i5 k-processors arent going to be massively faster unless you overclock them. Yea they're fast, but so are the 2400's.

    If you want a better ugprade, go for a new graphics card. Your build currently is very strong and should be strong enough to max or do most games on high settings.

    That being said if you want to upgrade to the K, then by all means go for it. Its pretty awesome. You can even build another computer around your old parts and sell it for some profit.
  9. Alright thanks for all the help, think I'm going to buy the second build and then OC it with care.
  10. Good luck! Just make sure to get a cooler.
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