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How can i transfer pictures from inactive sprint cell phone to computer

I want to transfer fotos from my motorola 420 cellular phone to my pc.
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  1. Are the pictures on an SD card/Micro-SD card? If not then you may be out of luck.
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    If the photos are on a removable flash storage medium such as SD and MicroSD cards then you just need to remove it from the phone and plug it into a computer that has an adapter for your particular flash storage.

    If your computer doesn't have an adapter then you can buy one. They tend to be very cheap and come in a variety of form factors and interfaces. The most common are USB adapters. Computers often have internal card adapters that support many different types of the most common removable storage cards. There are also external adapters that basically use the storage card as if it were a USB flash drive, you plug the storage card into the USB adapter and plug the adapter into the computer, not necessarily in that order.

    Prices tend to be well below $20.
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