GTX 560 ti (384) or GTX 480

Which one is a better buy for $200? I know the 480 is faster but is it enough to justify the heat and loudness over the 560 ti? Again its the 384 version, not the 448. Also the system that the card will be in has a Corsair builder series 600w powersupply and an i3 540 cpu.
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  1. The 480 is a very strong card but at the same time it eats so much power. It's a great card, but it's totally up to you. If they are at the same price, go for the 480.
  2. The 480 is actually about $10-20 cheaper. I want to get it but I am nervous about the psu requirements. Nvidia says the minimum for that card is 600w, which is what the system has. Not including the video card, the computer has pretty low power requirements (73W processor, one hardrive, nothing OC'd), so a GTX 480 would probably run yes?
  3. Yes, because all the other components are not as power hungry for your PSU. Also, can you look at your PSU and tell me how much watt's it's outputting on the +12V (not -12V):

    It should look roughly like this as an example:

  4. It has a single +12v rail @ 40 amps
  5. It doesn't state the max wattage for that rail?

    In any case, your PSU is able to handle it.
  6. It will most likely be OK.
    They overrate the requirements. Some cheap 600watt power supply will only put out 450watt continous and 600watt for a few milliseconds. Then they shut down or blow.
    What power supply do you have and we can give a definate answer.
  7. The 480 violently rapes the 560TI lol you need to replace the cooling and it won't run hot cooler:GELID Solutions GC-VGA02-01 1 Ball, 1 Sleeve VGA Cooler ICY VISION
  8. It is the Corsair builder series 600w

    One recent reviewer states that he's using it with a GTX 480 and a bunch of other crap. I'm pretty sure I'll be fine, Nvidia says that you need a 600w with 42 amps on +12v. Mine is only 40amps.
  9. Okay, Your PSU can handle the card :)

    The important thing is the +12V rail that supplies the power.
  10. fantastik250 said:
    Okay, Your PSU can handle the card :)

    The important thing is the +12V rail that supplies the power.

    Even though I only have 40Amps, not 42?
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    The link you gave, I looked at the +12 V specs. It supplies 480W.

    Overall the card uses ~320W

  12. Alright thanks :)
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  14. You wil be fine.
    The chart shows power draw for many different cards. Running Furmark (maximum) the card will ever draw is 320 watt.
    Your power supply has 480 watts on the 12v line continous output.
    With your system you will probably never go over 80% of its output.

    EDIT: just a little late again.
  15. Quote:
    The 480 will smash the 560Ti's teeth out then show it the way through the window.

    560Ti is definitely not in a league near the 480... then in comes the overclocks.....:o

    Ohh boy, watch out!

    7950 matching material goodness :D

    Something for your eyes only:

    Never tell your friends what you have when you score gains like this...
    :o :lol:
  16. It's such a good price at $200 :D
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