Problem with Display and Audio (Home Build)

Hello all, this is my current build.

Sorry if I miss anything I'm in a rush getting ready for the weekend!

ASUS Rampage Extreme IV (BF3 Version)
Intel i7 3820
ASUS DirectCUII HD7970
M4 Crucial SSD
16gb Kingston Hyper-X (1333mhz)
(NO SOUND CARD, Just onboard).

Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

My problem is that I get no sound what so ever (just static) through my headset or speakers (tried both). I have also changed BIOS settings to HDMI and all the other settings regarding the audio.

I have reformatted and installed windows again, updated everything possible (drivers) and have changed options in playback settings. All that shows up in Device Manager for Sounds is "High Definition Audio Device" and "Realtek High Definition Audio". My BIOS is also at the latest version, I have already tried previous version and have had no luck with sound.

The only thing I have in device manager which is an unknown device states this in properties... Port_#0006.Hub_#0004 I believe that is USB related though.

I've got a Razer Tiamat 7.1 sat next to me begging to be used, please help guys and girls!

The Display problem is a black rim about an inch and a half around the outside of what is being displayed, it's annoying as hell. But mainly I'm worried about the audio.

Many thanks,

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  1. Do you have the right resolution on? That may be a stupid question, but the wrong resolution will give you a black rim.
  2. Try the 12.6 BETA drivers and see if it makes any difference.

    Also, you may want to update your onboard sound driver for you ASUS motherboard.
  3. Have you set the Windows Volume Control mixer to the correct output?
  4. The resolution is correct and regarding Audio i've tried all of the outputs and nothing.

    Just updating to the 12.6 BETA now, will report back.
  5. The black border around your screen can be fixed by adjusting the Scaling Options slider to the right.
  6. Nice one Spankmon, display is all sorted! :D

    Now just for the sound, still nothing coming through. Have updated Audio Drivers from the ASUS website numerous times :/
  7. From which connector are you trying to access the sound?
  8. Rear Panel, Aux cable going into the green jack. Have also tried my tiamat headset with all the jacks plugged in.

    One thing that may be an issue is that i'm using a HDMI to DVI adapter to plug onto the GPU since I need a displayport to HDMI for any of the other connectors, could this be a problem?
  9. The Windows Volume Control mixer should be set to "Speakers" (Hi-def audio device). HDMI will send the audio to the speakers on your monitor. If you have it set to HDMI, you should use the output jack located on your monitor to access sound. But the HDMI audio won't work because you're using an adapter. So the only way you'll get sound is through the green analog jack in the rear panel of the computer (or the headphone jack on the front panel).
  10. It's set to Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio Device) and I have changed the BIOS setting numerous times from HDMI to SPDIF and still have no sound, I have Azalia turned on also on the BIOS.

    Any of that wrong?
  11. I'm guessing that Azalia is the audio on your video card? If so, then the BIOS is overriding the Windows settings and that is why you're unable to get sound from the analog output. I would set the BIOS back to analog or Realtek (whichever label denotes analog, onboard audio). I believe SPDIF is for a fiber-optic audio connection (not sure about that).
  12. I think Azalia is actually the Motherboard but I'm not 100% sure, I've turned Azalia off and it's made Speakers (Realtek Hi Def) disappear. There aren't any other options regarding Audio that I can find :/
  13. I would leave Azalia turned off. Maybe a reboot will bring the Speakers option back. Does the device manager also show Realtek has disappeared?
  14. With Azalia turned off the Speakers option is still not available and Device Manager doesn't show Realtek, have rebooted twice so no luck there unfortunately.
  15. That's curious. Did you also have the Realtek Mixer control center installed (I never installed on mine, so forgot about it). Maybe that is where you should have been selecting output options, rather than the Windows mixer. So now my guess that turning on Azalia in BIOS will bring back the Realtek stuff.
  16. I can't find anywhere to download the Realtek Mixer Control Centre but whenever I unplug or plug in the audio jack an ASUS program pops up saying "Which device did you plug in?".

    I set that to Line In and have set the default device to speakers, front panel audio i've set to AC97 not HD, still nothing.
  17. It's asking whether you plugged in a microphone or headphones (the jack can work in either direction, but not both at the same time). I think it should be set to Line Out, to send the signal out to your amp (or headphones).
  18. I have no options for Line Out, I set it to headphones. I'm testing the sound watching a youtube video and everytime the guy sings into his microphone I can hear him but it's stupidly distorted... it's picking up though.
  19. AC 97 is the old style audio. You don't want that. Are you getting the same thing from the front panel headphone jack?
  20. HD is on instead of AC97, front audio gives nothing at just a few random beeps at start up (green jack to headphone, pink to microphone). Closest so far is the rear panel with horrible distorted screechy sound.
  21. Does the volume control affect the distortion, or does it even turn the volume up and down? I'm not sure, but reinstalling the Realtek High-Def Audio driver might be the right thing to do at this time. Do you still have the driver dvd that came with the motherboard?
  22. It doesn't really affect it, just makes it more unbearable the louder I turn it up ha, I've done numerous reinstalls. Still have that yes, I'll reinstall from there.
  23. So, is this the first time you've had any sound on the computer? Or just since installing the vid card? It's odd that you aren't getting anything from the front panel headphone jack. When you plug in there it should disable the sound from the rear jack.
  24. I've literally just built this computer about 4 days ago and had no sound since, my previous mobo asus maximus extreme I had no problems. Had the same GPU apart from the addons from ASUS DIRECTCUII.

    Just uninstalled and reinstalled Realtek HD Audio Driver, I'm now getting buzzing noises on and off through the headset.
  25. I'm down to just guessing now. But if it were my computer, I would next disconnect the audio wire from the motherboard to the front panel and see it anything is different. When you plugged the phones into the front panel you should have heard the same screeching distortion as was coming from the rear jack, but you didn't... which leads me to suspect something is wrong with the front panel jack or connectors. That might be what is causing the problem, and disconnecting the front panel wires is the easiest way to find out. Do you feel like digging inside the case?
  26. The case is already open, I'll switch off and disconnect. Back in a moment!
  27. Still exactly the same distorted random sounds :/
  28. Bummer.

    So which is the problem? Hardware? Drivers? Configuration?

    Do you, by any chance, have any Linux live cd's in your home? If you do, you could boot up Ubuntu or whatever and see if the live cd played sounds normally. If it were also distorted, then that would indicate a hardware issue. If not distorted, then the fix is hidden somewhere inside Windows.

    I really don't know what to suggest next for troubleshooting.
  29. I just got a HDMI to Displayport cable hoping that may fix the issue but nope, still nothing.

    Unfortunately I don't have any Linux CD's, I may just have to buy a decent Soundcard :/
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