Should AMD move on from AM3+?

personally i feel that AMD is streatching the AM3+ socket too far. i think that they should move forward to maybe an AM4 platform for the newer cpu's. intel's pumping out the z77 boards with pci-e 3.0, and loads more bells and whistles im sure you all know about. but AMD seems to be falling behind in everything. i'd like to see another time like the launch of the Phenom II 1090T, the chip that was on-par with the i7 at the time. where hardcore enthusiasts actually had to sit and think for a moment on which way they would go. anyone agree?
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  1. I kinda like the backwards compatibility couple weeks ago I was able to take my old 6000+ cpu out and drop in a am3 945 4 core in my am2+ MB, but I'm sure AMD will move on when they find the technology to warrant a change, if all the bells and whistles fit the current tech why retool that's expensive a new die will have to pay for itself,
  2. I don't see any reason for AMD to change sockets. It delivers the right power and has enough contacts for everything to work. Whats the need? It'd be like intel changing from LGA1156 to 1155, a needless change in my opinion.
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