Worried about dust inside the case

Hello everyone,i have a gaming pc,my average usage per day is around 4-5 hours daily,its been 6 months since i bought my pc and there are no issues with it,however what worries me is the dust accumulating inside the PC case (fans,graphics card etc.)Should i dismantle all components and clean the insides ? how worried should i be regarding this dust particles ?

My Pc Specs
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
Intel i7 processor
8 gb ram
1 tb Harddisk
Coolermaster 690 II advanced edition Pc case
Coolermaster V6GT CPU Air cooler
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  1. well Imo, you should , because the dust may contain static electricity (from what i have heard) and to make your Pc Clean .. i noticed before on my pc i used to get Bsod for a while , i cleaned it from all the dusts inside and outside and runs fine.. u should clean it maybe every 1-3 months.
  2. If u case is does not have much dust filter, then it might be a problem, check inside ur case, clean it like every 6 week etc.
  3. Get those little cans of compressed air and blow it out, dont turn the can upside down because it will shoot liquid out and check these out

  4. Yep, you should clean it at least every six months or so. Using compressed air like the above makes it a lot easier and it ends up being cleaner.

    An excessive buildup of dust has one main issue, with a minor possibility of another.
    Dust can clog up heatsinks, particularly ones with fans on them. Open up any PC that hasn't seen maintenance in over a year (particularly pre-built systems, no dust filters and zero maintenance typically) and I can almost guarantee the CPU heatsink will be choked with dust. Obviously that inhibits air-flow and therefore cooling.
    The second less likely issue is that the dust will contain tiny particles of metal. Either because the dust has built up over so long or you live right next to mechanics or something, there might be enough metal in that dust buildup that it can cause an electrical short. The chances are slim even in worst case scenario circumstances, but its a possibility.
  5. Dont worry the electric shock is not that bad, i get that alot, happy new year!
  6. Thats a nice case you got with dust filters everywhere. You just need to remove all the components, blow them up and put them back in every 3 months..Its important to keep the components dust free..
  7. Aite i shall do that :) thank you guys
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