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When win 95 loads I get an error message after the win 95 logo screen. Unfortunately the message is more than one screen long and I can only view the line on the second screen:
"Windows protection area. You need to restart your computer."
I have tried to freeze the screen with the "PAUSE" button but it will not freeze the first screen. I know the error message has something to do with my "ATAPI" CD-Rom but I cannot read any more of the error before the screen changes.
When I restart the computer I can get into windows 95 in SAFE MODE but cannot access the CD-Rom drive even though the DEVICE MANAGER in control panel lists the CD-Rom correctly as a Mitsumi FX400D, MY COMPUTER folder does not show the CD_Rom (D) drive, only the "A" and "C" drives are listed. Again unfortunately I am away from home and do not have access to my installation disks. I have a 486 Portable to access the internet and that is all.
The computer in question has a AMD K6 III-450 Cpu with 256
Ram. Any suggestions ?
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  1. There might be a lot of possibilities here.
    Does your sys boot if you disconnect the cd-rom. If so then for some reason your Win95 doesn't support your cd-rom, which is quite odd.
    Without sys disk you can try to download the win95 update you may require but it most likely will not fit on a floppy.
    And this will not fix damaged sys files either.
    What version of win95: original, A or B. It's marked after the 950 xxx in "my computer", "properties".
    Really best bet would be wait for the win95 cd and reinstall over the existing setup. This can be done and your apps will not be affected. You might very well have a or many damaged sys files. After this once you get an internet connection to this pc you could download the needed updates to your win95.
    If you could get your hands on a Win98 SE cd that would be best. You would then be better to format and reinstall. Win98SE works very well with K6 2/3 sys.

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