Idle temps rising in my 570

Hi all! So after about a year and a half of owning my PNY GTX 570 ( I have noticed that my idle temperature has risen slightly. I monitor everything with MSI Afterburner by the way. I used to idle at 30 degrees with fan on its minimum speed (41%) but recently I have been idling around 35-36 with the fan on 50%. My max temps at load are also now around 80 instead of a normal 75ish.

The only thing I can figure is that maybe I need to replace the thermal compound on the card? If so is this as simple at taking off the cover unscrewing the fan and reapplying some like it would be with the CPU?

Thanks for any tips and help!
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  1. Not sure Id want to yank everything apart to reapply the TIM on your video card. Those still arent excessively high temps so honestly, I wouldnt worry about it. Definitely keep an eye on it, but I wouldnt sweat too much.

    Have you yanked off the side of the case and gone to town with a can of compressed air? Could be just a dust build up.
  2. Hmm I haven't done a good compressed air spray in awhile. I'll try that and see if they drop.
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