AMD Phenom II X4 945 vs AMD Phenom II X6 1045T

Hi guys doing a bit of research for a CPU for my PC and have narrowed it down to these two due to my motherboard being 95w and AM3.
There is a £15 difference between them and i cant make my mind up which one would be better for me.
I just want one that will play modern games (graphics card aside) at medium/high.
So which one would you choose?
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  1. The Phenom 945 for gaming, 1045T if you plan on doing any multi-threaded things besides just gaming.
  2. Right so the 15 quid extra isnt worth it?
    Naturally i just assumed the more cores the better?
  3. Na, most game don't utilize multi core if they do it's usually just 2 cores save your quid I bust through all the newest games with this old rig I just upgraded from a 6000+ 2 core but i did the upgrade because I do so video encoding the old dual core rocked the games( although the 945 overclocks pretty good without voltage tinkering i went to 3.5 with just bumping the bus speed up )
  4. Will people ever learn that more cores don't necessarily mean better performance?
    Although the 945 is 2 cores short compared to the 1045, the two will perform the same really in video game performance because video game performance is based off single thread performance, which, the two basically have the same of because they have basically the same architecture regarding transistor layout & what not. The only benefit of the extra two cores come out multithreaded applications like Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas.
  5. Ok guys cheers im still learning about these things.
    Thanks again.
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