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Samsung Series 7 running Windows 7 w/ intel core i7 proc and nvidia geforce GT 650m

I recently picked up a samsung series 7 laptop (it is still under warrantly) and I am experiencing a display issue. Dark colors(mostly black) will have bright blue or purple bands running through them. I've linked a jpeg from a photo I took which will hopefully show you what I am talking about. The image is of the windows logo (during startup) with the discolored band along the outside. The discoloration occurs with any image including applications, games and web pages. I imagine the laptop will need to be serviced but before I take it in I'd like to know if anyone in the community has seen and knows how to resolve an issue like this.

I have updated my video drivers and the issue does not occur on an external monitor connected to the hdmi port on the laptop, although the laptop display will continue to show the discoloration.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Replace it, it's not supposed to do that.
  2. Call Samsung. or return to store if you can.

    the most samsung should ask you to do is a factory restore to eliminate any software issues.

    Samsung was outstanding with my monitor return a few years ago. shipped a new one to the ups store for free. I walked in. swapped mine into the box. walked out. no credit card. no shipping charge. no need to prove the problem. I'm sure its changed some, but I wouldn't expect much hassle from them.
  3. Could be an inverter problem. Of course, as more experienced people than I have told you, still send it back to get it taken care of since it is under warranty. Even if you can identify it as an inverter issue and know how to fix it, let them open up the laptop and fix it.
  4. Update:

    I brought it back to the retailer (Best Buy) and all they needed to see was the startup screen to know that it was bad. They had me pick out a new one on the spot. Thanks for the replies.
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