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Hey everyone, I'd like to ask out for some help regarding computer components upgrade.
So uhm, at the moment i have an really old pc that is just crying for hardware upgrade. I'm planning to upgrade mobo, gpu, cpu, ram.

My current selection is:
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core 965 Black Edition
RAM: DDR3 Crucial Ballistix Sport 4GB 1333MHz CL9 1.5V x 2
GPU: Gainward GeForce GT 430, 1GB

I know that gpu isn't the best one, but I'm not that much a gamer, so that doesn't matter.
What troubles me, will the current selection be handled by a 350w PSU, considering that it has only 20 pin main power connector and 4pin connector on +12V rail, whereas mobo requires 24 pin for main connector + 8 pin for + 12 V rail? P.S. Other components that would leech power of psu are fans, usb, and a SATA I 7200 rpm hdd.
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  1. You could use a new one. Newegg has a corsair 430w for around $35 after rebate that should work better, but my old antec 350w could probably run your setup also (it's well made). What brand of ps do you have?
  2. Took a photo of the psu spec sticker, hope this helps :)
  3. Btw, i was just checking out some PSU's. Is this one good:?
    Enermax PRO82+ 425W
    Also, in the PSU description it is stated that it has:
    +12V 4+4-pin (EPS12V) count: 1 - would this fit into the 8pin cpu power port, on my selected mobo?
  4. It will work, but I recommend one with a larger single 12v rail. The enermax has three smaller ones.

    Link your vender of choice if possible; be sure to get new, not used.
  5. Uhm, are there any real advantages in going for single 12V rail PSU in contrast with multirail one ?
    Vendor link is of no use, as its in my native country language. Tho, it stated in the listing, that the PSU is " Refurbished by Manufacturer ". God or bad in the current situation? Also, i think the price is too high, its around 42$ currently?
  6. Refurbished means used, so use your best judgement on whether to buy it. Enermax is a good brand name.
  7. Thanks for the answers, i'll take the risk then.
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