What are cons of Crossfire?

What are some cons for crossfire? I have an MSI 6850 cyclone edition and I would like another.

I want cons that are actual problems, not stuff like "It costs more, or NVIDIA SLI is better"

Cons like the fact that I've heard that crossfired cards have a microstutter problem. Is this true? Are there other problems like this?
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  1. Cons
    Microstutter if its 2 cards
    Limited future upgrade path
    Power Consumption is higher
    Generates more heat

    Cost effective for fps gain

    edit: and not all games support crossfire/sli
  2. if you've heard cards have a microstutter problem then search... toms has a rather exhaustive article on the subject.

  3. Well cooling is fine, the cyclone cooler was meant for the gtx 560, and the 6850 doesn't get as hot as that. and If that becomes a problem I can buy aftermarket coolers.
    The games I play that I "need" crossfire for I'm certain support crossfire. I.E. Crysis 2, Battlefield 3, Skyrim...Mainstream high graphic intensity games like that. Games that aren't like that my single 6850 can handle.

    My psu/motherboard supports crossfire.
    600w is enough?
  4. Micro-stuttering is perfectly true, and ESPECIALLY for 6850 since it's lower-end than 6970 (for which it's less bad). As you mentionned, SLI performs better and does have less micro-stuttering, that is a fact. Some games won't even support it, and even when the fps is higher, it often won't feel smoother. Between two 6850 and a 7850/70 which could be about the same price, I wouldn't hesitate to go for 7850/70. In your case, I'd just wait and get a worthy single-gpu upgrade in the future.
  5. i played with Xfired 6870's for a few weeks, never noticed any problems. i didn't need that much power so i gave one of the cards to my little bro.

    i honestly think micro stutter is a myth because if it was soooo bad people wouldn't xfire or SLI
  6. Have a read through the following article. It will give you a better understanding of what micro-stutter is and how it might affect you.


    Con: using two graphics cards usually requires more power and therefore a beefier power supply. You should check that your power supply provides enough PCIe auxilliary power connectors before you attempt to crossfire your 6850. Each requires one 6 pin PCIe power connector.
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