GTX 660 or 670


I will be running two 24 inch asus 242H monitors and was planning on getting a gtx 660ti and i am unsure if it will be enough to run both the monitors

I ill be gaming only on one of the monitors and the other will be for net/work/movies.

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  1. There won't be any 660ti and the 660 is not released yet so not sure how to answer your question
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    the Vram on the gtx 670 assuming that it would be higher would do better on a multi screen setup. But I ask, did you purposefully not decide on an AMD alternative? AMD is more concrete with higher resolutions and multi screens because of the fact that Eyefinity has been able to work on a single card build for a long time now, as Nvidia is pretty new to having 1 card display several screens because originally, it would require 2 cards in SLI to do so.
  3. well the 660 should be released soon so that fit in when i was going to buy the videocard

    as for amd i need everything to match as much as possible it sounds really stupid but but i will be using a nvidia card.

    so adding a new question to anyone that has the antec one gaming series case can you fit a larger than the listed 10.5 inch video card because the asus 670 is 10.7 inches
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