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I5 2500k and the GTX 660

Will I get a bottleneck out of those two? I'm getting an upgrade soon and people are saying the i5 2500k might bottleneck the GTX 660. I'm only running at 1440x900
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  1. No it won't bottleneck the GTX 660. I5 2500k is a pretty good chip.
  2. In a sense it will not bottleneck it, more the resolution that is going to bottleneck the GPU.
  3. Yeah I figured. People keep telling me to get a 670. At this resolution the 660 is almost too much, as you're saying.
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    Yes a 650 or 650Ti would handle that resolution fine. But if you plan on upgrading display to 1080p then 660-670 would be great to have. The CPU can handle the strongest GPU's on the market.
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