I5 2500K to i7 3770

Yeah, yeah. I know this has been asked before. Is it worth the money etc. etc.

Question: is it worth the extra threads (not money) to upgrade from my current i5 2500K (lazily OC'd to 4GHz because my fan sucks) to an i7 3770?

Thing is, I'm building a computer for a friend of mine, and I got the i7 3770 for him. Now today, I received the processor... Twice. And they used the same T&T on both packages :)

Anyway, worth it?
Or should I sell the i7 3770, buy a better cooler and spend some more time overclocking my i5 instead?
I'm definitely using the power with video encoding (a lazy encode of a 23 minute 1080p clip can easily take 5 hours, all cores used (hell yeah --preset veryslow)).
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  1. I suggest you buy a good cooler like the Noctua NH-D14 to overclock your i5 2500k to like 4.4GHZ instead of a new i7 3770. Firstly the price of the cooler would be way cheaper than the i7 3770. Secondly the i7 3770 is not the K version so you can't overclock it in the future if you want to. Lastly if you only do little video encoding , I think the i5 2500k is more than enough.

    However if you do tons and tons of video encoding/editing etc, you might consider getting the i7 3770 over your current i5 2500k. Even if thats the case , try to get the i7 3770k version so you can overclock it in the future if you want to. Hyper-threading does help in this case , speeding up the time to encode a 1080p clip.
  2. Please, learn to read properly:
    Now today, I received the processor... Twice.

    In other words, I already have it. Twice.

    Edit: Guess I'll wait for a month or so and see if the company emails me or whatever. :P
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