Realtek SPDF coax will do Dolby Dig in control panal, but not in Win7

Hi guys, I have been searching for a solution for this with no success and I am at the point now where I believe Realtek just hasn't fixed a driver problem. I use SPDF coax out to my digital receiver. I had windows 7 32 bit and never had this problem, but I just built a new machine. I am using the latest realtek drivers from my mobos website. I can not get the digital out to display anything but stero 2 channel sound. I can however test the Dolby digital and DTS encoding through control panel>Sound>Real Tek digital output>supported formats tab. Here I see encoding formats and I see Dolby Digital, DTS Audio, and Microsoft WMA Pro Audio. When I highlight DTS and Dolby digital and click test it outputs a test to all 5.1 speakers and then the DTS or Dolby digital light on my receiver turns on to let me know its working. However, playing any dvds, games, anything that I know has a dolby digital audio stream doesn't work. It will not display dolby digital on my receiver and nothing except the front speakers will play. After doing the above test the dolby digital light stays on my receiver, but the second I play a Bluray in windows media player the light goes away and it plays in 2.0 stereo. Has Anyone found a solution to this? as I have tried everything I can think of! The realtek manager is no help as I do not see any digital sound settings to implement. It just has a "default Format" tab with a choice between different bit rates to default to. Please help thanks!!!!
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  1. do you have the speakers setup as 5.1 or 2.x ?
  2. popatim said:
    do you have the speakers setup as 5.1 or 2.x ?

    I do not have the option to do so in windows sound configuration or realtek audio manager.
  3. For DVD and Rips just set your player to spdif "passthrough", it should work.
    BlueRays are protected so is very unlikely you will get multichannel unless you use protected path over HDMI.

    In order to get 5.1 channel in gamming you need a Dolby Home Theater v4 license witch may or not be aviable for your MoBo
  4. Makes sense. SPDIF is limited to 2.0 PCM, Dolby Digital, and DTS formats. Realtek chipsets have supported Dolby/DTS encoding for a while now, but the feature is rarely enabled due to licensing fees. As a result, only audio previously encoded as Dolby/DTS will output as 5.1. Everything else will output as stereo PCM.

    DVD's and Blu Rays present no problem, since they are required to support either or Dolby or DTS track. Games, however, will be a problem as they rarely have a Dolby/DTS track.
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