Pink screen when streaming video.

Whenever I watch streaming video, ONLY streaming video, I get this.

READ: If I restart my computer, it fixes itself but always comes back randomly. usually after playing League Of Legends I noticed, and only League Of Legends, no other games.

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  1. Try and update your adobe flash player. Uninstall all older adobe flash players.

    Post back if it works or not.
  2. Yeah, I did that when it first started, fantastik.
  3. Try one video open and no other videos open and tell me what happens.
  4. Nothing happened except now there is more green and orange.

    I would like to say that flash games work, but they're very, very laggy. like 1 fps laggy.
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  6. Can you try another web browser?
  7. Tried, still doesn't work.
  8. Try right-clicking on a youtube video and see whether Hardware Acceleration is on or off (usually a checkbox).
  9. Yeah, it was on for some reason, no idea why it was on, though. it fixed it.

    Thanks bro.
  10. No problem :)
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