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I have an hd 5670 i would like to know what a safe temp would be.
I overclocked it a little and the max temp was 60*C.
is this safe???
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    60 is very safe for the card. Video Cards, can go up to 90-100C. But I wouldn't recommend it at those temps, as it can decrease the life of the card.
  2. when i'm playing games it crashes when it gets over 60C
    should i change the voltage?
  3. Yes.

    You haven't done any stress tests to make sure your card is stable?
  4. i used furmark and it only got up to 60c
    no artifacts or crash
    i ran it for 25 min
  5. just try not to go above 70c, i do agree with fantastik250, but usually 90-100c is for the power hungry top of the range cards, not for mid-range, there is no reason it should ever go past 70c, its not bad, but it will drastically decrease the cards longevity.
  6. i'm using msi afterburner but it wont let me change the voltage
    i set the settings to let me but it wont
  7. ima leave the voltage alone and just lower the clock speeds
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  9. Yes, you're right.
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