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Guys i recently purchased a palit 560 ti... and running it for 2-3 months it idled at 61*c, and touched 96*c at peak gaming. i had a saved a decent sum of money for a equally performing gpu and use the 560ti as physx card. So i gave it a shot at removing the stock heatsink on the 560ti to find where the problem is. And honestly the people at palit dont do a good job at applying thermal paste, it was squished into the heatsinks blade and dab over the pcb itslf. i heard palit dont void warranty on reapplying thermal paste. I had applied deepcool z5 and the results was over 10*C lesser on load, but idle was hardly 5*C lesser. anyways it made a difference.
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  1. That's good to know. There is some quality issues with Palit. But, thermal paste is a big thing.
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