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Hi guys, right now I'm going to build this budget/gaming PC, specs are these :

Xclio 3060 II Mid-Tower (keeping it from my old system)
i5 3570k with Arctic Cooling 13 (for mild OC)
620w Antec 80+ Modular PSU
Asus P8Z77-V LK mobo
8gb Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz (2x4gb)
WD 320GB 7200rpm sata 8mb cache (keeping it from my old system)
MSI GTX 670 2gb Power Edition OC

The Case is a 2007 ATX Mid-Tower, I fully dismantled it, sprayed in matte white with black touches! I know its an old case, but as a budget case it will do for now!

My main question is, will my PSU's life be shortened because its top mounted and it sucks cpu heat?

Imp. Note - I will be having : x2 120mm Front & a 250mm Side - INTAKE FANS
: x3 80mm Rear - EXHAUST FANS

My Case :
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  1. No, the power supply will work just fine in a top mount or bottom mount positin , it will just caues the cooling fan to work a little harder but you will be just fine.
  2. And for those specs & cooling setup I mentioned will I have good airflow?
  3. I can't find any specs. on the case as to what size cpu fan and heatsink it will accept, but the Artic Coolng 13 is 159mm in height, it might cause a problem with that enormous fan on the side, I would look at a case that will handle that size of a cpu fan and heatsink. This one is recommened by Toms Hardware Fractal Design Define R4 .
  4. the arctic cooling dimension are these 123 (L) x 96 (W) x 130 (H) mm! not 159mm in height
  5. The dimension of your case is 242 × 535 × 475 mm based from a pdf from the manufacturer's website. Assuming a 200mm will be used by board and some other height factors, there is around 275mm left, then with the fan let's assume it takes ~ 100mm then there is enough room for a 130mm height cooler. But for your own good, please measure the fan's height and the allowable cooler height.
  6. 430mm x 210mm x 445mm (H x W x D) these are the dimensions, the dimensions in database i ve sent you are wrong
  7. do you think I can fit an Antec H2O 620 or a Corsair H60? I have a 120mm exhuast fan slot beside the cpu
  8. With Antec H2O 620 and/or Corsair H60 you won't have any problems with the heigh, you just need to find a spot close enough for the cable to place the radiator. The fans are usually attached to the radiator. I'm using the word "radiator" since I don't know the proper term for those in liquid coolers, it can be considered as a heatsink as well..
    Antech H2O:
    It will fit on the 120mm exhause fan location, provided there is room at the boottom/or top, since the radiator is not 120mmx120mm.
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