Nvidia driver fan speed and other problems

I updated my 8800 GS to the newest driver and my graphics card fan speed went to max when I rebooted. I went from nvidia 285.58 driver version to 301.42. I also rolled back to a previous version which was 296.10 and still had the same problem. I restored it back to my previous version now and got everything working right again.

The other funny thing is I downloaded nvidia inspector to check my temperatures and when I updated the driver, all the temps where blanked out. I know they worked before I updated.

I downloaded MSI Afterburner to try and see if I could adjust the fan speed from there and noticed that it wouldn't let me change the speed. Also noticed that the GPU temps weren't displaying anything either.

Mainly just wondering if I should even bother updating since everything works with the 285.58 driver?

Oh and to be honest I didn't even notice that nvidia inspector had a fan speed adjuster until just now. So I didn't check to see if I could adjust it when I had my driver updated.

Running Windows XP 32bit
Geforce 8800 GS
ASRock H61M-GE motherboard

Thanks and let me know if I need to be more specific on anything.
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  1. If it's working with the current video driver, there is no point in upgrading the driver. It happened on my laptop where the driver it has now, works. When I update it the card is not recognized :/ odd and weird problem.
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