Crossfire 6950's or single 7950

I already own a HIS ICE Q 6950 2GB and I can't decide if it would be better to get a second 6950 or sell my 6950 and pick up a 7950.
I would appreciate it if you could compare these choices to the best economic and best performance choice.
any opinions would be welcome and appreciated.
Also is crossfire difficult to set up I have never for gone the process before.
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  1. No it's not difficult to do a crossfire setup. Just make sure they are in the appropriate PCI-E x16 slots and if the slots are x8/x8 or x16/x16. Look at the motherboard layout in your manual. You'll also need a crossfire bridge:

    Getting another 6950 is the best economic and performance choice.
  2. 2 HD 6950's perform as well as an HD 6990 which is 2 classes above the HD 7950.And since you've already got one card you can just buy another one and spend less money.Beware though there is a thing called microstuttering which, ive never seen personally but it does exist.The 2 HD 6950's also need a better PSU so make sure your's is powerfull enough and has the right connectors.All in all.To set up crossfire you must enable it in the driver and also download application profiles from the website.

    Performance 6950 CF > HD 7950
    Efficiency HD 7950 > HD 6950 CF
    Bang 4 Buck HD 6950 CF > HD 7950
    Future proofness HD 7950 > HD 6950 CF (HD 7950 Crossfire FTW)
  3. +1^

    Make sure your power supply has enough watts. And the microstuttering, which I haven't experienced either, may also occur. There are other issues like flickering.
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