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Okay so I have these 5.1 speakers, and I just bought a sound card, now it says the graphic card can run 5.1 and its all plugged in and it sounds good, but it would telling me to hook up like the orange subwoofer cord to it and rear and front, do i need to do this for better sound? and if so were could I purchase them

^thats what is says( i wrote in the color of cord it says)

Please help!

Sound Card-

Surround Sound 5.1 speakers-
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  1. I am not sure which question you are asking. Do you want to use your video card to manage your sound or the new sound card?
    The first few pages of this should clarify things.
  2. yes see those black and yellow cords on page 4, where could i purchase those?

    i need those cords for my new sound card
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    The specs for the Logitech kit says analog audio cables for the PC are included.

    If you lost them, they are simply three standard color-coded (for convenience) 3.5mm-to-3.5mm stereo analog cables. You can simply buy three ordinary 3.5-3.5 cables and slap labels on them to tell them apart at both ends.
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  6. jjwrest said:
    so like 2 of these?

    Three, actually. Unless you happen to already have one.
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