My laptop isnt detecting my graphic card

recently my motherboard got changed due to overheating,previously with old motherboard I had my ATI radeon hd 550v graphic card installed.but now when my motherboard got changed my dell inspiron laptop is not detecting my ATI radeon card,instead it displays Intel HD graphic card.I ran the drivers for ATI Radeon and its installation completed successfully without reporting a problem but still my laptop isnt detecting my ATI radeon graphic card.what am i supposed to do?? please help
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    one issue I am seeing is that the motherboard was changed out, that being the case most GPU's are "on board" as in soldered on to the Motherboard.
    the new board probably has the intel HD GPU as displayed in the hardware properties. I guess the situation is instead of an ATI GPU you now have an intel GPU, the real question is "is your day to day operation affected?" if yes you might have to locate a replacement board that has the ATI GPU you require over the new board with the intel GPU.
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