What CPU do I need ?

I have intel i3 CPU 3.1 GHz, but I'm buying new computer. So I wanted AMD (becouse I'm sick of Intel). I thinked to buy one of A-series CPUs, becouse it have APU option, but the best way is to buy greater GPU. So I thinked to buy FX-series CPU, but it's very expensive.

So my question is: Is there a cheaper AMD CPU thank can be bether then the intel i5 or in the seam level.
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  1. For gaming with discrete GPU? No. The i5/i7 has a practical monopoly on gaming bragging rights.

    For multi-threaded content creation, FEA and other compute-intensive stuff, the FX-63xx/83xx can give the i5/i7 a run for its money.
  2. Well... I looked on FX-6100, but I thought that it's to much for me and I hoped that u guys will tell my that there are something cheaper.
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